Who We Are

We are a company based in New Delhi, which is registered in the name of Efficient India who are providing different types of embedded technology and IT related services to their clients. Our company was launched in 2009 which is running on the principle “Efficient Use of Technology for Everyone”. Our associates take pride in coming to a workplace where talent is nurtured and acknowledged. The success of our consultants, engineers, and people in various other roles of representation is reflected upon by year on year increase in opportunity from existing customers and new customers acquired on the basis of proven credentials. The Most advance field of electronics developments are the strongest part that enable the Company to stand in the competitive market.

Our main areas of investment are

How We can help You


We focus on identifying the investment opportunities in India where we want to target those people who have startup ideas and want to start their startup then they can share their ideas with us and if we like their startup ideas then we can invest in their business by providing different embedded technology and IT related help. In order to share your ideas with us, you just need to fill the below form then we will call you if we like your ideas. The main advantage of working with us is that we are a one stop solution of all your startup related need.


We can also provide you incubator support that will help in your early business stages and make you an established firm. In incubator support, we also have the facility to establish your startup during its early stage. We can provide you affordable space, shared offices and services, management training, digital marketing support and often access to some form of financing which will help you to grow your startup effectively.


If we choose you for your startup help then we will always available for your support. We are a one stop solution that can provide you different IT related need like hardware development support, software development support, digital marketing support and many more. You can contact our startup support representative anytime if you have any query related to our service then we will try our best to solve your query as soon as possible so that you do not get any barrier while using our services.

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